Finding Nemo

The Big Blue...and Beyond!

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

Newly Reimagined

Finding Nemo: The Big Blue...and Beyond! has been fully reimagined by Disney Parks to give you a show your whole family will love. 

Shorter run time!

The show is now 25 minutes long which is great for littles! They don't have to sit too long and are able to be fully immersed in the show!

With a new LED screen behind the performers, the show gives you that feel like you are truly under water. 

Your favorite characters are back in this adaptation of the story with their favorite one-liners.

"Fish are friends...not food!"

The performers are absolutely amazing at delivering their lines and get into position immeditely. There were zero hiccups!

The story follows the movie as Marlin and Dory explore the big blue to find Nemo who was taken after touching a boat and swimming out into the open. They add in some catchy and up-beat songs to help keep it interesting for littles.

You totally rock dude!

You can tell the story of Nemo without the 150 year old sea turtle Crush and his little dude, Squirt!

I won't spoil how the show ends for you but just know that disney put in a lot of thought about how us as park goers want to view this iconic movie. It is a family favorite and must see when attending animal kingdom!

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