Teaching Kindness Through Play

Madame Alexander has to be one of my favorite doll companies for my girls because their dolls are quality made but also have such a special meaning behind them. They stand for kindness and healthy imaginative play with dolls that can be passed down through generations.

I was so excited when Adylee asked me to get her the Madame Alexander Kindness Club doll because it not only helps teach kindness to others but also lets her explore her imagination. This cute doll has gone everywhere with us since we opened her and has been Adylee’s new best friend. In a time where Adylee has gone through some issues with not so nice peers, it’s been refreshing for her to have her Madame Alexander doll to talk to.

Kindness is something that I teach every single day and moment to my littles because you never know what someone is going through and that single second of kindness can change their entire world. Our Kindness Club doll helps teach Adylee that because she is able to use it for telling all her secrets but also can be like a mommy to her. From changing the clothes to helping put her to bed each night before Adylee goes to bed herself, she is creating a bond with her future children and also learning that being kind is all that matters in a world that can be so cruel. Not only that but she is expanding her imagination and creating lasting memories that she can one day pass down to her children and future generations to come.

I am so thankful to be part of the Madame Alexander family and to be able to teach my kids that imagination is the key to unlocking all sorts of emotions. Check out the Madame Alexander mission below.

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